Get Your Grant (GYG) Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose GYG
Q: Why should I use GYG for my Erasmus+ applications?

A: GYG leverages artificial intelligence to simplify the process of designing, writing, and submitting Erasmus+ grant proposals. It is designed to save you significant time and improve the quality of your applications, increasing your chances of securing European funding for your social innovation and education projects.

Q: How does GYG differ from chat-GPT or other grant writing services?

A: GYG is specifically tailored for Erasmus+ proposals, mixing human expertise with AI capabilities. This combination allows for content creation, document search, and analysis, all finely tuned for Erasmus+ applications. Differently from chat-GPT, you do not need to create any prompt, you only need to describe your project in one sentence and GYG will create content feeding each single section of the Erasmus+ application forms in just one click.

Q: How does GYG enhance the project idea design process?

A: GYG employs AI to streamline the drafting of Erasmus+ project proposals. By intelligently analyzing keywords and ensuring proper formatting, our platform guarantees that your project aligns with the highest standards, vastly improving its acceptance chances.

Q:In what way does GYG save time during the proposal writing process?

A: Our AI-enhanced tool allows you to craft high-quality project proposals in a fraction of the time it would normally take. This efficiency means you can deliver outstanding results swiftly,freeing up time for other important tasks related to project design (such as finding partners, improving the proposal activities, defining a better budget, etc.).

Q: Can GYG really increase the success rate of my proposals?

A: Absolutely! GYG is designed to optimize your project proposals, enhancing their clarity, relevance, and alignment with Erasmus+ criteria. This increases the likelihood of your proposals being successful, making GYG a valuable partner in achieving high-quality outcomes for every client.

Q: Does using GYG require expertise in AI or technology?

A: Not at all. GYG is user-friendly and designed to be accessible for professionals and companies with any level of technological expertise. Our platform simplifies the proposal writing process, allowing you to focus on the content and quality of your project ideas.

Q: How does GYG ensure that the project proposals meet the Erasmus+ standards?

A: GYG's AI system is programmed with an in-depth understanding of Erasmus+ requirements and guidelines. It automatically applies these standards to the drafting process, ensuring that every proposal is compliant and meticulously formatted to meet European moderators' expectations.

Q: Can GYG help me if I am new to writing Erasmus+ proposals?

A: Yes, GYG is an excellent resource for both seasoned professionals and those new to Erasmus+ proposals. Our platform provides AI-powered content creation to ensure your project ideas are well-crafted, compliant, and compelling, making the application process smoother and more accessible.

Q: Can GYG guarantee my project will receive European funding?

A: While GYG significantly improves your application's quality, we do not guarantee funding. The decision rests with the Erasmus+ evaluators. However, our tools optimize your proposal to enhance your chances.

How the Platform Works
Q: What are the steps to use GYG?

A: It's simple! First, register for free using your email. Then, input your project ideas to get a compelling abstract. Finally, use that abstract to generate a full proposal with the potential for Erasmus+ funding.

Q: Can GYG fill out any Erasmus+ application form?

A: Yes, currently GYG supports Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation Partnerships and Small-Scale Partnerships forms. We just need you to share your input through one line describing your project, and GYG will do the magic, meaning to generate answers for each single question of the Erasmus+ application form.

Q: How can I improve my proposal's success rate with GYG?

A: Although GYG provides a strong starting point, personalizing the content and integrating your own ideas is crucial. Review and refine the generated content to ensure it aligns with your project's unique aspects and goals.

Q: Will the content generated by GYG need any modifications?

A: Yes, the AI-generated content is meant to be a foundation. For the best results, review and add personal insights or project-specific information to make your proposal stand out.

Q: How often is the GYG system updated for content quality?

A: We are committed to continuously improving our AI systems to ensure the content generated is of the highest quality and relevance to current Erasmus+ guidelines.

Payment System
Q: How does the credit system work?

A: Our platform operates on a credit-based model, with each credit valued at 100 Euros. Credits give you access to the proposal generation feature, with packages tailored to different needs and project scales. Please note that, on the other hand, abstracts are FREE!

Q: What packages does GYG offer, and what do they include?

A: While the abstract generator is a service you can use for FREE in Get Your Grant, we offer the following packages:

  • 300 euro for 3 credits: you can complete one Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships proposal.
  • 500 euro for 5 credits: you can complete one Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation Partnerships proposal.
  • 1,000 euro for 12 credits: enjoy a 20% discount and use the credit for completing the proposals you want (for example, 4 small-scale proposals or 1 cooperation partnership proposal + 2 small-scale proposals).
  • 2,000 euro for 26 credits: enjoy a 30% discount and use the credit for completing the proposals you want (for example, 8 small-scale proposals or 3 cooperation partnership + 3 small-scale proposals).
Platform Services and Features
Q: What new features is GYG planning to introduce?

A: We are working on adding a budget generator, a workplan generator, and the option for mentored assistance. These tools are designed to further streamline the proposal preparation process and enhance your application's quality.

Q: When will new calls for proposals be added to GYG?

A: We aim to include new calls for proposals as soon as possible, looking at other European funding programmes such as CERV, AMIF, Creative Europe, and many more. Stay tuned!